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Top 10 Fish Finders 2016 Review and Step by Step Ultimate Guide

Any fisherman can tell you that the best fish finders reviews are able to take a lot of guess work out of the hunt for the ideal fish locator as well as how much easier it will be to land a big one.
When you are trying to find a fish in an ocean or a large lake, looking for your evenings dinner, this can be a true help. If you are new to fishing or new to the idea of using a fishfinder, it will not take you long to discover that you have a lot of choices.
There are some name brands that you will find more often than others, but there are also decent fishfinders available that do not come with a big name involved. Which will you choose? Seek help finding the right one by reading through these reviews.


1. Garmin Echo 150 Dual Beam Fishfinder

Garmin Echo 150 Dual Beam Fishfinder

Garmin Echo 150 Dual Beam Fishfinder

The most popular fishfinder is one built by Garmin. The Garmin Echo 150 is the one that amazon users purchase most often and have the highest rating for. Perhaps it is the fact that it can reach extreme depths which means you can fish anywhere you want to go. It is usable on most types of boats and it is just overall higher quality because of the name backing it.
*Max Depth of 1,300 feet
*4 inch display screen
*Easily mounted
*Dual beam
*Adjustable sensitivity
*Everything you need to install it is in the box with it
*Not for high speeds
*Accuracy questionable until you set sensitivity right

2. Humminbird 4088301 PiranhaMAX Fish Finder

Humminbird 4088301 PiranhaMAX Fish Finder

Humminbird 4088301 PiranhaMAX Fish Finder

The PiranhaMAX Fish Finder has not had a lot of people purchase it, but the ones who have bought it seem to think that it is a great way to locate fish and know what is going on under the water’s surface. This is due to all the useful features that it comes with.
*A four level grayscale screen that is 4” for easy viewing
*Shows water temperate in digital format
*Shows up to 600Ft deep
*Easily installed
*Usable at fast speeds
*Plastic mounting bracket may break


3. Humminbird 110 Fishin’ Buddy 4inch Fishfinder

The Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy has a unique look when compared to other fish finders. Perhaps that is what makes it such a popular purchase. Perhaps the reason so many users love it is some of the other features that also make it unique.
*Accurate to 240ft
*4” LCD Monochrome screen
*Level 4 grayscale
*Clamp mounted
*Shows temperature
*Usable for 30 hours
*Clamp too small for some boats
*Depth reading not accurate in shallow water

4. NorCross HawkEye F33P

This fishfinder has been purchased by many amazon users. It offers a reasonable price and several very useful features. One of the main things that people love about it is the accuracy of it.
*Extra wide sonar beam angle
*Accurate depth, bottom, and fish finder up to 99.9 feet deep
*Works in zero degree temperatures
*35 feet of cable to use with the mountable, trollable, and floatable sensor
*Small enough to hold in your hand easily
*Not ideal for ice fishing
*Not good to use with grassy bottoms and near shore
*Extra floater needed for cable


5. Garmin Echo 500c Fish Finders

This fishfinder features a scanning device that has 500 watts RMS power and an ultra powerful tracking technology.

*Can be installed in under 5 minutes
*Comes with a 5 inch QVGA display
*Can be used for depths of up to 1,900 feet
*Stocks are sometimes short of supply
*It may require extension cables


6. Humminbird 561 Fish Finder

This is one of the more popular names in fishfinders. They provide quality in all aspects and tell you basically anything you may want to know about the area you are fishing in.
*Accurate up to 800ft deep
*Speed capable and you can get a speedwheel if you want
*Use it mounted to your boat
*The 2400 dualbeam PLUS sonar
*Does not show grass or debris on bottom of the ocean or lake
*Short wires to reach from unit to water
*Screen quality lacking according to some users

7. TomTop Portable fish finders

TomTop offers a portable fish finder that comes packed with various desirable features, only one of which is the easy portability of it. It is not one of the most popular brands on amazon, but the users who have purchased it seem to appreciate the quality of it.
*The LCD display with backlighting
*Shows Grass, weeds, rocks, or sand on the floor of the ocean or lakes
*Alarm when fish are found
*Tells you how far down the fish are located in meters or feet
*Sensor is on a 25 foot cord which makes it difficult to swim in deeper waters
*Some reviewers have purchased faulty machines

8. Lowrance Mark 5x Pro Fishfinder

This fishfinder is rather large which may not appeal to some people. However, if you want easy to see, the 5 inch screen should make it easy on you.
*5inch screen with a 16 level gray scale to allow you to see clearly what is under you
*White LED screen and backlit keypad
*Easy to see in all lighting
*Easy setup
*Dual Beams
*Easy to use
*Screen readout is slow


9. Signstek FF-011 Fish Finder

With Signstek FF-011 you get a completely wireless fishfinder with a backlit LED screen. Its round sonar sensor tells you everything you could want to know about the water you are gliding over in your boat or kayak.
*Shows fish depth and water temperature
*Readings in feet or meters
*Shows fish up to 1000ft deep
*Multiple sensitivity settings
*Replaceable battery
*Depth reading near bank is questionable
*Temperature reading is slow

10. Vktech Fish Finder

This is perhaps the least selling product on amazon though there is truly nothing wrong with the list of features for it.


*Green Backlit LCD screen
*Fish location and depth shown on a 28×38 screen
*Sonar Frequency 125 KHz
*Fish alarm


*Uses 4 AAA batteries
*Users say it is faulty

Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch Fishfinder

Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch Fishfinder Review

Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch reviewBesides all of the amazing technical features that the unit provides the most obvious one to examine first is the touch screen. There are many concerns to think about with a touch screen best fish finder. Your hands get all sorts of foreign materials on them while fishing. Scents that are on baits, oils, grease, fish slime, and any number of other substances.

Now try using your dirty hands on a touch screen and still expect a clean screen that can be easily viewed. Most likely not happening. This is, as far as I can tell, the biggest drawback to the touch screen unit. It might be a good idea to keep a rag and cleaning solution on hand to make sure it is clean and easily viewable as the day progresses.

Another issue to keep in mind is controlling the unit while you are wearing gloves on a cold day. Touch screens do not work unless something which can conduct electricity touches them, for example your fingertip. It would be very annoying and uncomfortable to have to remove your gloves each time you want to punch in a new way point or make any changes to your unit.

A quick fix to this is to sew in a conductive material to the tips of your gloves to ensure they will work still with the screen.   You can buy metal coated thread at craft stores or online to accomplish this. Besides there two downfalls I think that the touch screen will be a welcomed and advantageous development to the Lowrance HDS gen 2 units.

Ease of Use:

After examining the screen and the on screen buttons to control the unit, it looks like Lowrance made the buttons nice and big so they are easy to select without hitting another button on accident due to fat fingers. The graphical user interface is very easy to navigate and intuitive.

The next feature I was impressed with was the QWERTY touch keyboard. I find it extremely annoying to use a cursor and select each letter to name way points and other data on the units. This is very time consuming, and with the new keyboard this can potentially now take seconds to input the same labels and information.

Overall I think that the touch screen was a great feature to add on to fish finder units and in time will become the new standard for all fish finder units. The cleanliness issue and glove issue can easily be overcome by many of the added conveniences of the touch screen. Oh and because there are no major buttons on the unit, you can have a lot more screen in the same size of a smaller screen sized unit with buttons.



I would guess that most people looking to upgrade to this unit already have a pre existing HDS Lowrance product. The great news is that this is fully compatible with all the existing networking features you had previously. Same wires, same connections.

An added benefit of the HDS gen 2 touch units is that they have a built in LSS-2 HD, the black box that costs over $600.00! The standard version of the HDS gen 2 does not have this build in. This is the unit for sidescan and down scanning. You can use the LSS-1 transducer if you have this already, however you will need an adapter for the cable. While the unit does has the LSS-2 HD module, you still have to purchase the transducer if you do not have this already.


In addition to these features, the Lowrance HDS Gen 2 touch units have 5 separate plug ins on the back of the unit. Ethernet, N2k, Sonar, Structure Scan HD, and power. This allows you to connect a wide range of networking devices such as a video feed, radar, fuel/temp probes, engine, and others.